Fine Arts

Music. Studio Art. Theatre.


Composers, pitches, rhythm, solos, after school lessons, choirs, performances… All of these make up the music program at Alpha Omega Academy. Every student at AOA is given the opportunity to study music in some capacity during their career at AOA. Scripture commands us to sing His praises, and through our music, we do!

Studio Art

Art classes at Alpha Omega Academy are a relaxing time for students in 1st-12th grades where they can create and design works of art. We use a variety of mediums and work on seasonal projects as well as discuss art and famous artists from around the world. The students also participate in local art contests when available. High school students have the opportunity to compete in TAPPS art competitions. Here they can be as creative as their imagination will take them and compete at a state level with other schools to show off their skill and abilities.


Drama is an elective in high school, and is part of the junior high rotation of electives. After school drama is available for grammar school students. High school students work on a production, usually a one act play and TAPPS speech and drama competition. Junior high rotation works with improvisational games, 10 minute plays, fairytale theater and performs for the younger kids. After school grammar drama meets once a week and plays at acting! We perform skits, commercials and even karaoke.